BETAPITCH global & Investors Day

BETAPITCH global & Investors Day 2016 was a blast! The winners this year were Hoard, who're already on their way to success. Again, we'd like to thank our partners: Kloeckner.v, Siemens, Holvi, Hubraum Berlin, CleanTech Innovation Center Berlin, Audi Germany, Startup Safary, Welcome-SE, Consciousness Network, YouNoodle, WebSummit, Reactive Conference, TechCode , and StartupGuide for all your support! Stay tuned for 2017, we'll be back bigger, better and with even more locations!

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Investors Day activities

These activities were waiting for you at the Investors Day on Oct, 15th.

  • Speeddating with Investors

    Speeddating with Investors

    Startups meeting investors in limousines. Are you fundraising? Register for Investors Day with your startups and reserve a spot here!
  • Meet – a – Media

    Meet – a – Media

    Every startup knows how to pitch to an investor, it’s the number one lesson they teach you. But when it comes to journalists, it’s a whole other ballgame. 

    MEET-A-MEDIA It’s a speeddating session for selected startups and journalists, with a small twist. 

  • Open Mic

    Open Mic

      Determined to get some exposure for your startup? Come to the open mic session, pitch your startup to the audience and use the 1 minute wisely. First comes first pitches.
  • Workshops


    Learn from the source. Workshops held by investors themselves and other specialists in their fields.
  • Reversed Investors Pitches

    Reversed Investors Pitches

    Swap the seats and watch what the investors have to offer to startups.
  • Key Players Panel

    Key Players Panel

    Hear their opinion on the hot topics. Investors and opinion leaders on stage. Program of the panel discussion will be released soon.

Full program here


Our Investors Day Network

BETAPITCH global prizes

What 2016 finalists were fighting for

  • Holvi

    Holvi offer banking for Makers & Doers. The company is a digital current account for your business. Combined with streamlined bookkeeping and powerful business apps. The company will give away a surprise gift for the winning team, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Holvi


    Holvi offer banking for Makers & Doers. The company is a digital current account for your business. Combined with streamlined bookkeeping and powerful business apps.

    One winning startup will get 1 on 1 consulting on how to found a company in Germany. Along with that Holvi will provide the startup with 6 months of pro account with paperless bookkeeping and 6 months of free tax advisory.

  • Flight to Silicon Valley

    Flight to Silicon Valley

    The winner of BETAPITCH Global gets to fly to the Silicon Valley and network with the world class investors!
  • betahaus


    The winning team can work from betahaus | Berlin for 6 month for free! We are looking forward to introduce you to our community, business angels and friends in the media to boost your startup!
  • hub:raum


    hub:raum will sponsor a cash prize of 5000 € for the winning team of the BETAPITCH | global. Let the best startup have the cash!
  • TechCode


    One startup wins a 3 month stay in a TechCode coworking space and gets a chance to join their acceleration program. TechCode is the network of coworking spaces and incubators present in cities all around the world: Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Helsinki, Tel Aviv and many more.

  • Reactive Conference Ticket

    Reactive Conference Ticket

    One lucky startup wins a ticket to Reactive Conference, the event where world class mobile and web innovators get together for three days in one town. Taking place on 26-28th October in Bratislava.
  • Web Summit Beta Package

    Web Summit Beta Package

    The winner of WebSummit BETA package gets 4 tickets to the conference along with a booth for one day in the in selected industry area. WebSummit is Europe's largest tech marketplace and taking place in Lisbon on Nov 8-10.


Startups which pitched on the stage of BETAPITCH global

  • OppenTech


    BETAPITCH China has been the most recent event, spanning across 5 cities, Nanjing, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Jiashan. The winners, OppenTech, based in Beijing, applies space augmented reality in education making toys and games.
  • OfficeRnD


    OfficeRnD offer a platform for building engaged communities and efficient workspaces. The company offloads the boring tasks from the office and community managers, so they can focus on building community and making everyone in the office happier, healthier and more productive.
  • Nordic Adventours

    Nordic Adventours

    Nordic Adventours is an online platform for adventure and wilderness activities in the Nordics connecting them with both known tour operators and guides as well as very local ones.
  • Neurofox


    Neurofox is a device to train and optimize brain states in real time. Achieved by neurofeedback.
  • Hoard


    Hoard solves the problem of the last mile in logistics by turning people into pick-points with an app. With Hoard anybody can become a pick-point simplifying delivery and exchange of goods. CoFounder, Anthony Forsan, will be part of our speed dating team at this year's BETAPITCH & Global Investors day.
  • IT For Equality

    IT For Equality

    IT For Equality plan to transform the simple wheel chair into a smart chair by setting various proximity, humidity, temperature sensors, which are monitored by a Smartphone implemented in each chair. These sensors will enable auto avoiding, auto stop, auto speed features. BETAPITCH Global is their last step towards helping the disabled.
  • Viable Report

    Viable Report

    Viable Report, took the number one spot in Lisbon last week and offers a matchmaking platform that connects investors and startups. The company helps investors find and automatically evaluate the ideas in the entrepreneurship ecosystem that are a match with their evaluation criteria, saving them money and time while increasing opportunities.
  • Hasala


    Hasala is a mobile app that creates a social network for charity. It offers a platform for both NGO’s and people donating; so they can communicate easily and NGO’s can easily raise donations for different causes. For NGO’s, Hasala also provides data analysis and customer-relationship-management. For users, they offer clear insight in the impact of their donations.  kick starts fundraising for NGOs and charities. Payment methods are included to facilitate donations directly through the app.


Choosing the winner

  • Matt Webb

    Matt WebbManaging Director of R/GA's Internet of Things startup accelerator

  • Andre Marquis

    Andre MarquisExecutive Director of the Lester Center

  • Elina Räsänen

    Elina RäsänenHead of Marketing & Communications at Holvi


They make BETAPITCH possible!

  • CleanTech


    Our partners at The CleanTech Innovation Center (CIC) provide the ideal place for startups and growing companies in the cleantech sector. They have the infrastructure for young founders and entrepreneurs!  
  • Audi


  • Startup Guide

    Startup Guide

  • Consciousness Network

    Consciousness Network

  • hub:raum


    hub:raum will sponsor a cash prize of 5000 € for the winning team of the BETAPITCH | global. Let the best startup have the cash!
  • Holvi


    Holvi offer banking for Makers & Doers. The company is a digital current account for your business. Combined with streamlined bookkeeping and powerful business apps.
  • Klöckner


    Klöckner is our great supporter who seeks for potential startups to invest in.
  • Welcome Startup EU

    Welcome Startup EU

    Welcome Startup EU aim to connect 5 different major EU ecosystems (Berlin, Dublín, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca) The company work with local WELCOME partners to identify and engage the most relevant players.
  • YouNoodle


    YouNoodle is a great supporter of BETAPITCH


    Siemens is global BETAPITCH supporter, merging its corporate expertise with innovations brought on by startups.
  • Startup Safary

    Startup Safary

    Startup Safary create open doors days for startup ecosystems. Attendees have a chance to visit startups, VCs, accelerators, incubators and community hot spots in a given city. The event takes place all over the city in multiple locations, most of them – offices of participating companies. We're super excited to have them as a parter for our Investor's Day this year!
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