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May 2014 is the month of betapitch and it will make it hot also at betahaus | Sofia!
For those who have missed the previous versions of the competition, we caught up with some of our former participants and here is what StatAce, Gruvit and Lionsharp Voiceboard told us.

All the startups reading, apply here, and get the $50 Elance credit for free right away!

These are the questions we were asking them:

What made you as a startup to sign up for betapitch?

 What were the advantages that you saw in participating in this event?

Were there any benefits for your company in particular that you did not expect to come up?

Tell us something new about your business since betapitch vol 1 or 2?

What would you say to our future participants?


We are based in betahaus, so it was only natural to sign up for the betapitch. Always eager to participate in competitions, especially where the application form is not something difficult.

The main benefits was the pitching practice, the connections I made with fellow entrepreneurs (e.g. Nigel Sharp from LionSharp), and the actual pitching experience (which is also training). We unexpectedly got some good publicity.

In the meantime we have grown to 3 people, got funded from LAUNCHub and improved the product a lot.

The message to the new applicant is – take it serious and prepare well – the opportunity if you get to Berlin is amazing.


We signed up because we wanted to get a chance to pitch in front of possible investors and interesting people that could give useful feedback.

The biggest benefit was the exposure we got on the media and the prizes we won.

We got 3 months office space for free which was awesome.

In the meantime, GruvIt has  integrated registration for both user types, musicians and party makers. Plus, we have an iOS app under-development.

Message to the future participants: Keep your pitch short and sweet!

Lionsharp Voiceboard

The opportunity to travel around Europe was really catchy, we wanted to win the cash prize and most importantly get our startup seen on a global stage.

The advantage is that betapitch is supported by a number of big organisations such as betahaus and attracts the attention of European investors.

A feeling of having joined the betahaus family (although having never worked in their spaces) was a surprise. This is a family which I feel really comfortable talking to and sharing ideas with.

Now we’re closing a seed round of funding and have just incorporated ourselves as a USA Business corporation.

Message to the future participants: Remember that every pitch may be your last, give it everything, EVERYTHING.

We are always glad to talk about it and give some extra info on the topic. You can always send us questions to Startups, don’t wait and apply for the betapitch | Sofia in May here! Every applicant already gets $50 Elance credit for free, so why not?

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