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How was the betapitch | global 2014?

It was massive.

The betapitch | global took place on the 30th of August during the big festival celebrating the 5th birthday of betahaus.

The finalists flew over on Thursday to attend the pitch training with the pitching diva Bianca. One could tell these are the betapitch winners as we started on pretty high level and worked on rather small tweaks.

And then the day began.

5 years of betahaus festival filled every corner of betahaus with interesting content from live concerts, startup booths, maker workshops to inspiring talks and design slam.

In the evening we brought on the big betapitch | global.

Jury was starring in the composition:

Jörg Rheinboldt from Axel Springer Plug n’Play, Axel Menneking from hub:raum, charismatic Jeff Lynn from SEEDRS, charming Marita Roebkes from Society3 and Thomas Madsen Mygdal who made it to betapitch despite missing his plane.

betapitch | global 2014 jury        audience

The pitch session was opened up by Daniel presenting Basslet, the hardware product of his startup Rescued Ideas. This wristband augments the experience of music as it vibrates on your wrist while listening. Berlin will love this.

The winner from Copenhagen, charming Gulnaz performed her perfect pitch of EasySize. Helping online shops lowering the number of returns through their smart algorithm of calculating the size. She was our only female founder and definitely raised the attention with her perfect performance.

Friedrich represented LUUV, the winner of our Berlin hardware edition of betapitch. Camera stabilizer, great pitch, good plan. Jury now waits for delivering.

The second part of the betapitch was opened by Atanas from Arthesis. Guys are making designed covers for leg prosthesis using smart 3D modeling technology. Making them happier people.

We went on with Viblast, our second finalist from Sofia. Making the streaming seamless and cheaper for the broadcasters, the field seems like a big deal.

The closing pitch was delivered by Louis from Drystorm. This smiley New Zealander started the startup only few months ago on a hackathon and has already collected couple of prizes.

Afther the pitching part was done, the jury went on to make the decision and the audience moved downstairs to enjoy the music and BBQ.

The important decisions took some time and discussions as all the startups are onto something big. Finally, here are the results:

EasySize       Rescued Ideas

The main prize, fully sponsored trip to the Silicon Valley goes to EasySize! This startup from Copenhagen also gets the tailored campaign from SEEDRS and the Microsoft Biz Park Plus.

The second main prize, 5000 EUR goes to Rescued Ideas. Daniel also gets the ticket to the Pioneers Festival and Biz Park Plus.

LUUV wins the Biz Park Plus, Pioneers Festival ticket and also the surprise, a wild card from Society 3 accelerator.

The other big thing, 6 months of coworking at betahaus goes to Arthesis, the great guys from Sofia.

Elance gives $1000 to spend on the platform to Viblast.

And finally, Drystorm wins the Explainer Rocket explanatory video.

We’re stoked by the awesome pitches the startups performed, the jury who was up for a good discussion and mainly the number of people and full house we had that night.

Check the full album on our facebook page.

Kudos to our supporters and friends, all these things are possible only thanks to you!

Thanks also to our betahaus teams in Hamburg and Sofia and sektor5 and republikken (congratz to the winner guys) we had an awesome year of startup events, meeting the future startup rock stars and awesome network of investors and supporters.

We’re already working hard on the next year and watch out, we’re preparing something big!

Kudos and bis bald!

Yourz, betapitch | team


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