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BETAPITCH | global and our very own Investors Day

On August 29th, the grand finale of this year’s quest for startups, the BETAPITCH | global, will be held in betahaus | Berlin as part of our biggest yearly event: People In Beta Festival. To make sure everyone goes home super inspired and connected, for the first time ever BETAPITCH | global will be accompanied by its own Investors Day.
Startups will be able to practise their investors pitch, they’ll get in-depth feedback on their product and make personal connections with investors and accelerators. We’ll have panel discussions starring startups ‘that made it’ as well as legendary investors and accelerators. You’ll be able to hear them out and shoot your questions. To exchange thoughts more elaborately, we’ll have small group discussions on hot startup topics like ‘term sheets’ or ‘how to choose the right investor’ and finally, there’s an opportunity for startups and investors to meet in private team rooms. There’ll be coffee, tea, wine and beer to keep you caffeinated and relaxed.

Out of the 300+ applicants, the 7 finalists will pitch during the BETAPITCH | global event in the evening of the very day; giving it all to convince both jury and audience that they’re the coolest and smartest one in the universe. They’ll compete for a trip to Silicon Valley (sponsored by Axel Springer Plug n’ Play), 5000€ cash (given by hub:raum), a trip to Taipei (sponsored by HWTrek) and a whole bunch of betahaus benefits and services.

The Investors Day will take place on August 29th from 1pm till 5pm and BETAPITCH | global from 6pm to 9pm. Both BETAPITCH events will be held on our 4th floor, in betahaus | Berlin. After the BETAPITCH | global there’s a BBQ in the outdoor area and People In Beta will throw a great party.

Want to come? Book your spot NOW! Do you also want to enjoy the workshops, events and great afterparty of the People In Beta Festival? Get yourself a combi ticket and you’ll get the full package!

Are you an investor, startup or you want to get involved in any way? Send us an e-mail to

BETAPITCH | global is made possible with the support of Axel Springer Plug n’ Play,  Deutsche Bahn and EnBW.

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