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Meet BETAPITCH | global finalist PeerAce

BETAPITCH finalist PeerAce is a community marketplace where you can easily find your personal fitness or sports trainer or offer your own services as a trainer to others. No long-term contracts and an easy way to get to know other sports-minded people around you. We interviewed the PeerAce team and asked them about their last six months, tools they’re using and who they look up to. Read on and get to know them! 


What has happened in the last six months?

During the last six months we’ve entirely bootstrapped our product to create a beta version of our app, both for Android and iOS. Yet, this is only the beginning as there’s much more to do in terms of product development throughout the next weeks.

In terms of operations, we’ve on-boarded 60+ trainers offering 180+ courses in Hamburg to go live during the first week of August. To offer a superb service right from the start, we’ve met all our trainers in person and tried out many of the classes and trainings they offer.

During the last weeks we’ve started talking to investors as we’re aiming for a seed round during the next weeks. Being bootstrapped is a great learning for us, but won’t help us to take-off successfully from here.


Accelerator or bootstrap?

We always thought about different accelerators, but now that we’ve been through the bootstrapping thing – bootstrap it is! For sure, bootstrapping isn’t the most comfortable situation you could be in, but it gives you a great sense for efficiency. However, being part of an accelerator would be a great experience as well!


What are you spending money on?

Right now, 99,9% of the money we’re spending goes into marketing. As our product is entirely mobile the majority is spent on Facebook. However, we’re also running some offline marketing activities to meet as many potential community members as possible.


What tool are you using the most for getting you through the days and making you a better startup?

There are different tools for different tasks. The three tools we’re definitely using the most are Slack for communication, Google Analytics for operations and marketing and Mixpanel for our in-app analytics.


Who are you looking up to?

There’s no one specific. We’re trying to exchange with as many entrepreneurs as only possible to gather their learnings – regardless of the stage they’re in.




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