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Meet BETAPITCH | global finalist Thingthing!

Meet the Thingthing team! They won our BETAPITCH | Barcelona and will thus pitch for the global prize on August 29th. Thingthing is a keyboard allowing iPhone users to never switch an app again. Users are able to send dropbox links, set appointments through the calendar and even schedule a meeting point somewhere around the city without ever having to switch apps. A goal to instantly find or share what you need most during your conversations, only using the iPhone keyboard.


What has happened in the last six months? 

3 things:

We’ve worked hard to improve the Thingthing Keyboard, thanks to our active beta users. They are brilliant, thanks folks! It is now more intuitive and easy to share all your content whenever you chat and email someone.

We are proud to say that we have 30k secured and we are talking with a lot of (HUGE) investors around the globe. It’s an honour to have them on our side at such an early stage, and it’s really promising! With their help, we’ll be able to deliver our vision to the world.

We are in touch with people at TNW, The Verge, Product Hunt, Mashable and a lot of small bloggers. They are engaged and ready to help us with our launch. We’re proud to have them on board as well!


Accelerator or bootstrap?

Bootstrapping and looking for smart money!


What are you spending money on?

Marketing & Advertising, Legal advice, Hiring, Software & services, …


What tool are you using the most for making you a better startup / getting you through the days?

Slack, Atlassian Cloud, TwitFox, ManageFlitter, Bitbucket, …


Who are you looking up to?

We are looking for people who can help us overcome our challenges, who can connect us with partners such as Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram…basically any service we integrate. We also want to be in touch with successful entrepreneurs that can give us smart advice!


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