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Meet BETAPITCH | global finalist Vienna Skill Smiths

Startup Vienna Skill Smiths has set up a new kind of school: a school about everything. Anyone who’s passionate about a certain topic, knowledge or skill may teach, and anyone may learn too. Each month the startup offers a variety of fun, single-sessioned and short classes for € 35 or less taking place in a face-to-face setting. Vienna Skill Smiths won our BETAPITCH | Vienna and will thus pitch at BETAPITCH | global on the 29th. Let’s get to know the team behind this exciting school!


What has happened in the last six months?

We brought our idea of accessible and fun learning to life! What started as a vague common plan over a cup of coffee in January turned into a real business in May. We’ve created our MVP (always beta!) and are building a strong community of learners and teachers. We cooperate with great location and event partners. Vienna Skill Smiths has been online for roughly 3 months. We’ve offered over 20 classes and have inspired more than 200 participants.


Accelerator or bootstrap?

We are definitely bootstrapping. Vienna Skill Smiths needs people and local engagement. Sure, we could use a financial push to improve our website, create our own inspiring learning environment and spread it across other big cities. But thinking big on a small budget keeps us fresh, focused and creative!


What are you spending money on?

Honestly, it’s our overhead costs that have the biggest (negative) effect on our bank account. In the future, we want spend our money on investing in the best learning & teaching experience you can get: From a smooth and fun user experience on our website, to an inspiring location where our classes can take place.


What tool are you using the most for making you a better startup / getting you through the days?

No fireworks here. We rely on basic communication tools, like our shared calendar and of course, Trello.


Who are you looking up to?

We look up to people who do what they love and stand for what they do. Especially when they have managed to remain authentic, creative and curious. We’ve met a lot of people like that in our quest for great teachers. And they inspire us everyday.