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Meet BETAPITCH | global finalist Insulin Angel

Insulin Angel is our BETAPITCH | global finalist from Berlin. Insulin Angel is a little device that measures temperature and proximity and connects to an app running on a smart device. It helps patients to keep their diabetes medication safe and to never lose or forget about them again.


What has happened in the last six months? 

Lots of things:

  1. We moved into betahaus | Berlin!
  2. We decided to expand our mission and vision from just helping diabetics to keep insulin in a safe temperature to a much bigger scope (we’ll announce it at the People In Beta festival).
  3. We are changing the business model from one-time HW sales to a freemium model.
  4. The team is now bigger: a pharmacist, a UX expert and a project manager joined us.
  5. We are going on the AsiaTrip organised by HWTrek.


Accelerator or Bootstrap?

We decided to go for bootstrapping rather than joining an Accelerator/Incubator as we are at an advanced stage (pre-production) and such programs are more suitable for early stage startups.


What are you spending money on?

Mainly new team members and the pre-production run.


What tool are you using the most for making you a better startup and getting you through the days?

Google apps for Work and Basecamp are the killer combo. Github for code. Sketch and InVision for UI and prototyping. 


Who are you looking up to?   

Definitely mySugr, the trendsetter and market leader in the diabetes apps space, #dedoc (the german online diabetes community) when it comes to community building and the Grants4Apps team for everything else (thank you Jesus)

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