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What EnBW is looking for in the wonderful world of startups

One of our main BETAPITCH (and People In Beta!) sponsors is EnBW. We asked them about the ways they cooperate with startups, their main criteria to select & fund a startup, and what they’re looking for at BETAPITCH | global & Investors Day this Saturday. 


What are the ways EnBW cooperates with startups?

Disruptive technologies and business models are the all-known key words in the age of the “Energiewende”. Especially the big utilities in Germany are facing a big challenge in the energy market for their own corporate culture. Flexibility, innovation culture and rapidity are important characteristics which are demanded. EnBW pursues two angles:

Firstly EnBW supports the development of new business models internally, e.g. with an own Startup Campus in Karlsruhe. In this space young and highly motivated EnBW employees are working on concepts for the future energy market.

Secondly EnBW looks at the startup world and seeks to establish strategic partnerships & collaborations with young companies that have attractive products or ideas, or invest in them as a corporate VC. For EnBW, these sorts of collaborations are a main-driver for innovation. The energy market needs new competencies and business models, so EnBW is interested in concepts such as Smart Energy management, Smart Home, Smart Grid, Virtual Power Plant or E-Mobility. The IT-context has become critical to success. In the end the objective is to combine the competencies of both “worlds” to build up the business models of the future and the “OS-Energiewende” together.


What are your three main criteria to select & fund a startup?

That the startup fits our innovation strategy (‘into the Internet Of Energy’),  That it has a scalable business model, and an amazing team!


What are your goals for BETAPITCH | global & Investors Day 2015

To meet and get inspired by young talents and teams with attractive products and ideas.


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