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Deutsche Bahn on the lookout for innovative startups!

Deutsche Bahn is one of our main BETAPITCH | global sponsors. They’re currently looking to invest in various sorts of startups and they’ve also launched an accelerator program; one that’s currently taking place in betahaus. We got in touch with them and asked them a few big questions. 

In what ways does DB cooperate with startups?
DB supports innovative startups and searches for great concepts around digital infrastructure innovations that make railway infrastructure ready for the future. The startup with the best concept or idea gets financial support of 25,000 Euros, free coworking space, access to necessary DB data, and mentoring and coaching by internal and external experts – but will still retain intellectual property and 100% equity.
Within the three months of the accelerator, ideas will be developed alongside internal specialists and a prototype will be built and tested. Furthermore, both parties will get to know each other and will be able to work out common grounds for possible cooperation afterwards.

Want to have a shot at getting in the program? Startups can apply at our pitching days. The next one is taking place on November 24th. More details on the application requirements will be published very soon.


What are your three main criteria to selecting/funding a startup?
The DB Infrastructure’s accelerator aims to connect with startups by offering them a platform to develop products that are ready for the market. But it is not about just any product— the benefit should be associated with our business, which is railway infrastructure. For example, it could be about a new supply of services at our train stations. In general, we are looking for ideas that make maintenance more predictive and therefore make data easier to read, for ideas that improve reliability of predictions, and for ideas that increase the infrastructure’s degree of capacity utilisation. We are particularly impressed with teams that have a special spirit, and it is important for us to work with innovative, quick people who seize opportunities.

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