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Meet BETAPITCH | global finalist Smartrade

 Smartrade is an app planning to popularize access to the financial market so that anyone can learn to invest in the stock market. Through education and collaboration, users of Smartrade have the opportunity to migrate from a virtual to a real investment environment. The Smartrade team won our BETAPITCH | Campinas in Brazil, so you can look forward to hearing them pitch for global gold this Saturday!


What has Smartrade been up to in the past year?
In the last six months we’ve been working hard on our Minimum Viable Product so that we can present it to investors. We’ve been pitching our idea to potential partners who would help us access the financial market. We’ve already brought two important partners to the team: Tato D’Elia, inventor of the first Brazilian PhoneBroker in 2003, which allows users to invest in the stock market on a mobile device, and Itaim Business Bank, a Brazilian investment bank that is connected to BM&F Bovespa counsel.


Accelerator or Bootstrap?
We are a Bootstrap. Our team is composed of people from startups, IT, and financial marketing. We were able to start the entire project and to create the MVP on our own, but this is changing due to our development and need for custom tools.


What are you spending money on?
We’re currently spending money on servers and stock market terminals, but we are reaching a stage where we need to raise more capital in order to pay for expensive things that the stock market requires, like a BM&F Bovespa annual fee and a real-time stock market terminal so that we can offer our users real-time market quotes for free. For now, we’ve spent more time than money making  the development of Smartrade our top priority!


What tool are you using for making you a better startup?
There are a lot of tools like Visual Studio Online for Code Version and Sketch for UI prototyping. On Visual Studio Online there’s a Kanban Control that we use to monitor our development team activities. We are also working with Amazon AWS.


Who are you looking to provide a service for?
We’re looking to bring people who have no idea how to invest to a risk-free environment, and to give them the possibility of following the most rentable investors that are currently available only to the richest investors. With Smartrade, anyone who has money will be able to reliably and safety invest anywhere.
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