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This was BETAPITCH 2015, stay tuned for 2016!

On August 29th the sun poured through the windows of betahaus as entrepreneurs, startups and corporate members eagerly awaited the BETAPITCH | global & Investors Day. Throughout the Investors Day our top floor was buzzing with excited guests ready to hear the insights from leading figures in the startup and coworking world. Sitting on sofas looking across an excited audience ready to learn were the first panel called ‘Why You Don’t Want Our Money’. From the well composed assembly of various investors the room learned some valuable trade secrets in the world of investing.


The next panel was to take place in the midst of a fully-crowded room ready to hear the options for startups and whether joining an accelerator or going for a coworking space is the right way to go. Our esteemed guests were the founders and CEO’s of Kloeckner, Axel Springer Plug ‘n Play, Factory Berlin and betahaus.


The third panel consisted of representatives of startup heroes such as Soundcloud, Prezi and Aydo from hy! They spoke about the some of the events they have held in the past and free initiatives their companies do to promote both brand and involvement.



Throughout the day the Speed dating was running and startups were having their private meetings with investors in awesome Audi cars. Matching startups with the best fitting investor is always a piece of art and Max from Welcome project accomplished this with honour.


When all was done the room was prepared, the drinks organised, and the audience ready for BETAPITCH | global 2015. The lights were dimmed and the stage was set for seven teams to pitch their product against on the clock. Each team had only five short minutes to impress a panel of distinguished jury members based on introductions, pitching performance, and product information, followed by three minutes of question time. As moderator, Teshia Treuhaft warmed the crowd and guided the questions, the night wouldn’t had run nearly as smooth without her humour and grace.


There were seven startup finalists from seven different cities spanning 3 continents, each with a unique service or product . PeerAce, the sports app, hailed from Hamburg while the education startup Vienna Skill Smiths, came from Vienna, with over 200 participants in their classes for adults already. From South Korea came BeeCanvas, who impressed the jury with their charm and humor and put on the most memorable performance of the night. Insulin Angel gave us a strong pitch and were the only product aimed towards health care. Smartrade, our finalist from Brazil, talked about the innovative ways they are letting people trade in the Brazilian stock market and Thingthing presented their digital keyboard for iOS technology allowing seamless interface between apps while texting or emailing. Finally Dronamics presented their Black Swan: an unmanned vehicle (or giant drone) they are producing back in Sofia. When ready, it will slash cargo costs of goods transported to impoverished areas in Africa and the Middle East.


While waiting for the jury decision the guests gathered outside to hear the beta band, led by our own betahaus CEO Christoph Fahle. They warmed up the crowd with some smooth saxophone solos mixed with a techno beat.


Finally, with the crowd excited and full of delicious BBQ, the BETAPITCH global prizes were announced..  BETAPITCH project manager Katka and the jury member Jewell Sparks were to hand out the golden 3D printed trophies (made in our own betahaus hardware lab) as well as the other sought after prizes.


The big winner of the night was Insulin Angel, who won a trip to Silicon Valley sponsored by Axel Springer Plug ‘n Play and a program at Stanford organized by BiTHOUSE! Hub:raum gave its prize of 5000 euros to startup Thingthing, and Dronamics snatched away a wildcard acceptance to Airbus Bizlab accelerator and a chance to pitch for the Kloeckner fund. Vienna Skill Smiths won six months of free coworking space at betahaus | Berlin, and BeeCanvas received the opportunity to pitch at Pirate Summit 2015.


Congratulations to all the teams!


We’d like to give a shout out to our media partners Tech Berlin, The Hundert, Silicon Allee, Berlin Valley, Jobspotting and our party partners at Business Punk, and to our photographers Rian Davidson and Maansi Jain for capturing all the fun.


You can check out the People In Beta Festival photos herethe BETAPITCH | global & Investors Day photos here, and the betabooth photos here.


Last but not least: many thanks to our sponsors without whom People In Beta 2015 wouldn’t have been possible: Axel Springer Plug ‘n Play, ERGO, Deutsche Bahn, Kloeckner, Hub:raum, Audi, Airbus Bizlab and Appchance.


Stay tuned for the news about BETAPITCH 2016! We can’t wait to see you there and it’s going to be big..


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