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Alumni stories | ChillBill, a FinTech startup from Vienna

One year after taking part in BETAPITCH| Vienna we caught up with Clemens and Wendelin, the brains behind ChillBill.  Curious how the digital accountancy startup is doing? Read on.

What is ChillBill all about ?

ChillBill is your digital shoebox for bills. You can just upload your bills to ChillBill and we’ll take care of the rest: We process your bills automatically and make sure all of them are captured correctly.

Once your bills are processed you can record payments, export your revenues and expenses to Excel and send everything to your tax advisor.


You’ve taken part in BETAPITCH | Vienna at sektor5. What happened right after that?

Right after BETAPITCH we had a beer!

BETAPITCH took place only 3 days after Wendelin joined ChillBill as a co-founder. It was the first opportunity for him to pitch ChillBill and he did a great job. Therefore BETAPITCH marks the beginning of our endeavor together.


What lessons have you learned from approaching banks, financial sector and possible partners? What’s your advice to other startups?

We’ve learned that people from different industries think and act very differently. One crucial point for startups that provide services to another industry is to learn how people in these industries work and think.


FinTech in Vienna. Is it the right hub to start your project?

I think for our business it doesn’t make much of a difference where we start. We provide services to small companies and they exist in Vienna as well as in any other major city. We’ve already got a good network in Vienna which facilitates many things, so for us it is definitely the right hub.


Your next big goal?

At the moment we’re organizing regular tax coachings in a few Austrian cities. One of our next goals is to partner with more tax advisors to spread our tax coachings in Austria and Germany. We’ll be in Berlin in April and we’ll run our first tax coaching in Germany there by the end of April.


What gets you through the day?

A lot of clear water and the love of our customers 🙂


ChillBill has joined the 5starts incubator where they are scaling their sales strategy alongside improving their recognition software. The 5starts incubator is a sektor5-run program.


Think you got what it takes to embark on your own startup journey? Applications for BETAPITCH are open, apply now!


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