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The best IOT and Hardware startups from Germany and Austria – all on 1 stage. We present to you the 8 startups that proved to us their innovative product, business model, and team quality. On April 7th they’ll pitch for you and for an expert jury in betahaus | Berlin.


Fresh Square is an indoor garden system with which you can grow your own food in a natural and living soil made of organic waste. Plug it in, fill up the water tank, observe, and enjoy your own fresh food.

Safecontag produces and sells double-key-cards as connector, token, or a crypto key for safe online connection and communication.

HorseAnalytics makes an activity tracker for horse owners complying data of horse’s health, workload and daily routine.

Neurofox is a device to train and optimize brain states in real time. Achieved by neurofeedback.

Urban Totem street stations form a network of digital infrastructure and offer free WIFI and digital device charging.

velo easy I Smart Urban Solutions is the first widespread, individually lockable parking system for bicycles and e-bikes. Comes with an optional recharging infrastructure for electro mobility.

YOUMO‘s modular design lets you try a variety of different power options. You can charge multiple electronic devices while customizing the style and amount of functions you want.

ZEI is a revolutionairy time tracking device in the shape of a polygon. It’s connected to the computer via bluetooth. People can assign projects to the different sides of the polygon and track their time at work just by turning the device.


Join us for the BETAPITCH Berlin event on the 7th of April, starting at 6 pm in betahaus.

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