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BETAPITCH Sofia announces winners

This year’s BETAPITCH Sofia competition took place at betahaus | Sofia on May 13th. The unlucky Friday didn’t manage to bring down the pitching companies though and all the pitching founders were on fire!

The founders won awesome prizes after being evaluated based on the following categories – Technology, Team, Innovation, Presentation Skills and Business Model. What did the startups win?

Caret won 3 months at betahaus | Sofia and 3 months of accounting services from VP Consulting. ShopUp received the new logo production by Logowski. Lucid won a video and a substantial advertising media budget from Netinfo. This prize also went to Enhancv along with 12 months of hosting from and a wild card  for Pirate Summit this September. Tool.Domains won an awesome opportunity to get mentoring by Paris Childress – Google’s business development manager in Bulgaria.

The big winner of BETAPITCH Sofia 2016 is OfficeRnD and gets to represent Sofia at the global BETAPITCH competition in Berlin, October 15th. OfficeRnD also won consultancy from Ivan Takev, CEO of the Bulgarian stock exchange and got to pitch on the big stage of DigitalK startup conference in Sofia one week after BETAPITCH. Here the founders managed to win the big prize of 10000€ – with that said they’re officially the hottest startup team in Bulgaria at the moment! 

Our chief sponsor for the fifth time was Telerik, a Progress Company.

Find more photos of the event on our facebook page.

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