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From Hardware to VR: 5 Chinese startup cities you should know

From Hardware to VR: 5 Chinese startup cities you should know.

As of this year, BETAPITCH has a total of 7 brand new partner cities. Five of these are in China, thanks to our friends at TechCode. Don’t know your way around the Chinese startup scene yet? We’re here to help. Here’s our guide to the tech communities in China that you should know about. First stop, Beijing!



With supercharged social apps and thriving tech districts, Beijing’s tech scene has commanded the attention of global startups and investors alike. This city is home to some of China’s best and brightest university graduates, not to mention some of the country’s biggest VCs. For a taste of what Beijing startups can do, DreamInk is a great example. This tech company developed new ways to print with liquid metal for applications in 3D printing and manufacturing. Also based in Beijing is Singulariti, a machine intelligence startup with countless patents spanning natural language processing to innovations in mobile search.

Local BETAPITCH Round: 26. August 2016



Back in 2014, a KPMG survey officially declared Shanghai one of the world’s new tech hubs. Two years on, the case for that title has only grown stronger. While smaller than the Beijing startup scene, Shanghai is known for its internationally-friendly startup environment, and has also been turning heads as a center for innovation in Virtual Reality. VR isn’t the only branch that Shanghai startups are diving into either. Yuexiang Tendency, for instance, has built their business around reading and interpreting the subtle changes inside human bodies, using sophisticated pulse readings to take wearable technology to the next level.  

Local BETAPITCH Round: 25. August 2016



This city has a long imperial history, and is also a great example of how startup hubs can bloom outside of Beijing and Shanghai. From food delivery startups like Line0, which bagged a US$30 Million B-Series investment from leading Chinese investor Tencent last year, to Tuniu, China’s most successful online tourism platform, Nanjing startups have proven themselves capable of hitting a sweet-spot with services that are both innovative and consumer-oriented.

Local BETAPITCH Round:  24. August 2016



Shanghai and Beijing might have their perks, but startups serious about taking their hardware product to the next level will learn the most from the scene in Shenzhen. A recent WIRED documentary shed light on brilliantly fast prototyping that has made this metropolis famous among Silicon Valley startups. It comes as no surprise that Shenzhen startups are on the cutting edge of hardware. Take iRayrobot, for instance — this tech company is a pioneer in the realm of service robots that provide custom assistance in a whole range of commercial settings, from tourism to medical care. They’re also helping families welcome service robots into the home too.

Local BETAPITCH Round: 2. September 2016



Of all the Chinese startup communities on this list, Jiashan is one of the youngest and potentially the most exciting too. This affluent county, located 80 kilometres west of Shanghai on the Yangtze River Delta, is now the home of TechCode’s newest space. Nicknamed the ‘Land of Fish and Rice’, Jiashan is also known within China as a site of extensive scientific research and development. We can’t report on startups here just yet — you’ll have to wait for the BETAPITCH local round to find out more!

Local BETAPITCH Round: 30. August 2016


With 12 incubators and over 300 venture projects, TechCode is a key player in industrial innovation in Asia. They are partnered with China Fortune Land Development (CFLD), a leading enterprise reponsible for more than 40 industrial parks globally and dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs from their first steps to scale manufacturing.

Find out more about our Chinese partners by getting in touch with TechCode, and keep yourself in the loop with all BETAPITCH happenings on Facebook and Twitter!



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