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A further look: October 15th BETAPITCH | Global Finalists

With the BETAPITCH Global final fast approaching, we took a further look into those startups who were successful enough to secure themselves a spot! Our finalistshave already battled it out in their home countries, but do they have what it takes to take the top spot on October 15th? Here’s a brief insight into each of them: (Vienna) is a fascinating
demographic data startup that aim to make demography, the study of human populations, accessible to a wider audience. They believe that demographic data can play an important role in understanding the social and economic developments of our time.

Neurofox (Berlin)

With Neurofox’s hardware and software you can experience, train and optimize your brain states in real time. This is achieved by neurofeedback. Our brains communicate through neurotransmitters, that orchestrate the activity of billions of neurons and the activity of neurons emit electricity. Neurofox’s neuroheadset measures that electricity on the skin of the forehead and their software processes the signal so that it can translated into a visual or auditory feedback on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This enables you to see your brain in action and how it behaves and performs in realtime.

Nordic Adventours (Jönköping)

Nordic Adventours is your source for outdoor and adventure activities in the Nordics. The startup connect local, high-quality guides and tour operators with independent travelers. Since winning in Jönköping, the company’s platform has taken off.

Hoard (Hamburg)

Founded in betahaus | Berlin as ‘einFach’, the newly named Hoard won the competition in Hamburg. Hoard is a disruptive sharing economy startup. It’s platform allows you to securely exchange keys with others by depositing them via the hoard spots in the city.

OfficeRnD (Sofia)

OfficeRnD offers a platform for building engaged communities and efficient workspaces. The company offloads the boring tasks from the office and community managers, so they can focus on building community and making everyone in the office happier, healthier and more productive.

IT For Equality (Tirana)

IT For Equality plan to transform the simple wheel chair into a smart chair by setting various proximity, humidity, temperature sensors, which are monitored by a Smartphone implemented in each chair. These sensors will enable auto avoiding, auto stop, auto speed features. BETAPITCH Global is their last step towards helping the disabled.

Viable Report (Lisbon)

Viable Report, took the number one spot in Lisbon last week and offers a matchmaking platform that connects investors and startups. The company helps investors find and automatically evaluate the ideas in the entrepreneurship ecosystem that are a match with their evaluation criteria, saving them money and time while increasing opportunities.

Hasala (Cairo)

Hasala is a mobile app that creates a social network for charity. It offers a platform for both NGO’s and people donating; so they can communicate easily and NGO’s can easily raise donations for different causes. For NGO’s, Hasala also provides data analysis and customer-relationship-management. For users, they offer clear insight in the impact of their donations.  kick starts fundraising for NGOs and charities. Payment methods are included to facilitate donations directly through the app.

Open Tech (Shanghai)

BETAPITCH China has been the most recent event, spanning across 5 cities, Nanjing, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Jiasha. The winners, Open Tech, were only selected last weekend. The startup use augmented reality for education making toys and games.

The competition is fierce, with such a variety of finalists it’s difficult to even guess what’s going to happen. We can’t predict the winner, but we can guarantee that this year’s BETAPITCH Global will be the biggest yet!

Don’t forget, BETAPITCH Global & Investors Day is happening on October 15th! A combination of two key events that bring the international startup scene together for one action-packed Saturday. The Investors Day will take place in the afternoon, in the evening you can see the most promising startups pitch at BETAPITCH Global.

BETAPITCH Global & Investors Day 2016 is made possible by Kloeckner.v, Siemens, Hubraum Berlin, CleanTech Innovation Center Berlin, Holvi, Startup Safary, Welcome-SE, Audi, Consciousness Network, and YouNoodle!

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