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How Nordic Adventours experienced BETAPITCH

Meet Moritz Witter, the 27-year-old, nature-loving entrepreneur who founded Nordic Adventours in 2015 and has been changing Scandinavia’s adventure travel market single-handedly ever since. In 2016 he took on the stage at Investors Day as one of the BETAPITCH Global finalists.

First thing first: how did Nordic Adventours start? What is the idea behind it?
I moved to Sweden in 2012 do to an exchange semester during my bachelor. Scandinavia has a lot to offer an outdoorsy person like me. But I noticed quickly that it’s really complicated to arrange the activities and trips I wanted to do. When returning for my masters three years later I thought that this problem would’ve been solved but it was still just as hard. So I decided to try to solve it myself – and that’s what I’ve been doing since December 2015.

What is it you love about travelling as an “adventourist”?
Being outdoors has always been my thing – it gives me so much energy! I can climb mountains and still feel stoked, but sitting in front of the computer for a few hours makes me tired. During the last two years, all my holidays have been within Scandinavia, which is a cool way to meet providers, test activities and spread the word about Nordic Adventours!

“I was shit scared at that competition because the level was so high. It was a really cool event and a great thing to be a part of!”

How was is it to compete in BETAPITCH?
Everyone at the first pitch competition in Jönköping was so impressive that I, even though I’m a really bad loser, happily accepted that we couldn’t stand a chance against them. It was a great opportunity and honour just being there. But then we actually won and got to go to Berlin for the finale. I was shit scared at that competition because the level was so high. But it was a really cool event and a great thing to be a part of!

What was your favourite part about Investors Day & BETAPITCH 2016?
I can’t really pick just one favourite part – the whole experience was great! But I thought the pitch training the night before was really useful. It was so hands-on, which is something you generally don’t get – especially in Sweden where the critique culture is very indirect. People here tell you ten things that were good and then one little thing that you possibly could approve, at the pitch training the feedback was completely opposite that, which I found very impressive and helpful.

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