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Future City & Emerging Tech is the theme of Investors Day 2018

Investors Day 2018 will be a deep-dive into the subject of future city and emerging tech. Come by on November 15 and hear our panellists discuss their first-hand experiences of re-shaping the urban landscape and what to expect of the future city life. To get you in the Jetsons mood before the event we have listed some inspiring innovation projects that are happening around the world right now.

The idea of the smart city has been around for 10-15 years. Many cities have followed the movement and upgraded their infrastructure accordingly. With the rise of new technology, some cities are now getting ready to enter a new phase: Smart City 2.0. In the smart city of tomorrow, everyone from citizens to governments to businesses will be involved in an intelligent, connected ecosystem. AI, IoT and blockchain are not only current buzzwords they will also play essential roles in the future city.

As companies see the need to digitalize their processes and implement new technologies, the role of the entrepreneur is getting even more important. kloeckner.v is one of the ventures that are looking for game-changing ideas as they aim to revolutionise b2b industries.

Even though Berlin got WiFi on the train platforms just a couple of years ago and is far from complete digitization, there is a lot of developments coming from the cities creative network of startups and innovators. Berlin Partner is one of the key players as they support growth and innovation in the city; with a separate unit only focusing on Berlin’s Smart-City-related themes.

With a constantly growing population as well as a pressing need to find more sustainable ways of travelling the development of new transportation & mobility solutions are of high priority within the future city.

Toyota Mobility Foundation sees mobility as a critical part of creating societal progress and is currently active with several projects around the world, one of them is the development of new innovative solutions for seniors in rural Japan. These include new modes of transportation, on-demand mobility services, and technology-enhanced social-service networks. In spring 2019, the foundation will team up with BETAPITCH and introduce a program in Berlin to support startups that are improving mobility.

Autonomous vehicles like self-driving cars and flying taxis are no longer just science fiction tropes; they are a part of our foreseeable future. AI and IoT technology are enabling the possibility for safe autonomous travel; researchers say that a complete automated transportation system very likely would be more reliable than our current solutions as they rule out the risk of human errors. Volocopter 2X and Tesla’s ModelX are already implementing autonomous technology, but it’ll be years of more testing until the public can lean back and let their cars drive for them.

Elon Musk just announced that the first Hyperloop tunnel will open in Hawthorne, California on December 10. This tunnel will be able to transport people in a 249 km/h speed. As technology develops, the Hyperloop could reach a speed up to 1 200 km/h, which some mean would be a less pollutive way of long-distance travelling.  

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