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Meet the innovative startups competing at BETAPITCH Global

It’s time to introduce our BETAPITCH Global finalists! The search for the most innovative startups has taken us all over the world; it’s been sweaty, intense and absolutely wonderful! The startups that will compete on stage at betahaus are a diverse bunch. Find out what they’re all about below.

Rhoonart (Seoul)
Rhoonart is creating the new generation music marketplace with their commission-free platform that connects that connects songwriters with potential commercial clients.

Settr (Jönköping)
Settr is a combined marketplace, enabling influencers to run their own online multi-brand stores as well as giving brands a platform with influential reach.

Brander  (Tirana)
Brander creates, visualizes and promotes concepts for ambitious brands.

Breeze Technologies (Hamburg)
Breeze Technologies is an environmental startup developing air quality sensors and analytic tools that measure pollutions in our surroundings.

Park Palet (Istanbul)
Parkpalet is an online B2B warehouse platform, which brings together the companies that are looking for short-term warehouse space and the warehouse operators that have excess capacity.

Furnwish (Cairo)
Furnwish is an online showroom using AR technologies to let business enhance their brand and engagement as well as making it possible for customers to discover, visualize and interact with interior design products before purchase.

Whisperr (Belgrade)
Whisperr is bringing genuine connections to the world of online dating with their voice-based dating app. Instead of merely going by pictures the users get to know each other through audio profiles.

Elevate Global (Skopje)
Elevate Global is a B2B service using AI to help companies gather, process and acquire knowledge from their data.

CozZo (Sofia)
CozZo is an app that assists households in their grocery purchases by functioning as both a shopping list and a fridge/pantry manager.  The app tracks what the user have at home already and when it expires to prevent food waste.

SCUBIC (Lisbon)
SCUBIC is a smart platform that improves asset management in water networks; using machine learning to tell water utilities the times they should turn on and off their water pumps so they spend less money on energy costs.

CapitalBay (Kuala Lumpur)
CapitalBay is a trade optimisation solution for companies to access working capital options leveraging on existing trade relationships.

TWIN (Mostar)
Twin is an informing and entertaining science kit that is composed of do-it-yourself experiments designed exclusively for children to make them love science. It teaches the operating logic of technological devices using electronic blocks that can be connected easily with the help of magnets.

Which one of these innovative startups will pitch their way into BETAPITCH stardom? Find out on November 15 at betahaus. Grab your ticket to Investors Day & BETAPITCH Global here.

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