What's It All About?

BETAPITCH is an international startup competition, powered by betahaus. The yearly competition was held in 14 tech capitals in 2016, leading up to the BETAPITCH Global finals held in BETAHAUS Berlin on October 15. For last two years, BETAPITCH also organises yearly Investors Day, that takes place on the same day as the global finals and gathers the international tech scene. Want to join the next one? This year the Investors Day and global finals take place on December 7th, 2017


At BETAPITCH, startups win prizes locally as well as globally. What they win differs per location and edition. Prizes usually include free coworking membership for the winning team and perks of the coworking space or location throwing the competition. In 2016, The winners of BETAPITCH Global won 5000 euros from hub:raum and a sponsored trip to Silicon Valley. Want to know more about what's at stake right now? You can find detailed prize information per location in the respective regional pages.

A Little Background

To tell you more about BETAPITCH, we firstly need to tell you a little bit about our home; betahaus. Since opening its doors in 2009, betahaus has slowly grown to become the cornerstone of Berlin's tech ecosystem. It also became a home for startups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creative workers, and makers. It became a supportive, nonjudgemental home for those who dare to think outside the box.

BETAPITCH as a startup competition is a natural result of the betahaus mission; it's a startup event focused on collaboration and problem solving; positive minded, and inclusive to anyone who wants to participate. As betahaus expanded into new territories, so did BETAPITCH. The competition is now held in Berlin, Hamburg, Sofia, Barcelona, Lisbon, Jonkoppig, Tirana, Sofia, Cairo, and five tech capitals in China. BETAPITCH takes place in various betahouses, but also in other spaces for entrepreneurs and startups that we've partnered up with. In 2016 we hosted SIXTEEN regional events and the Global finals, which was accompanied by our Investors Day. At Investors Day, regional winners and others startups met with investors, corporate partners, business experts, and other mentors and interacted through one-on-one office hours, speed dating in cars and pitched on the stage for the masses.

Track Record

We're pretty proud of our BETAPITCH alumni roster, which boasts some diverse and successful names. Names like Bragi (Munich), EasySize (Copenhagen), protonet (Hamburg), orderbird (Berlin), zenmate (Berlin), loopcam (Copenhagen), GoEuro (Berlin), OPTretina (Barcelona) and Hoard (Hamburg).


How To Apply

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These heroes make BETAPITCH possible!

  • hub:raum


    hub:raum will sponsor a cash prize of 5000 € for the winning team of the BETAPITCH | global. Let the best startup have the cash!
  • Holvi


    Holvi offer banking for Makers & Doers. The company is a digital current account for your business. Combined with streamlined bookkeeping and powerful business apps.
  • Klöckner


    Klöckner is our great supporter who seeks for potential startups to invest in.
  • Welcome Startup EU

    Welcome Startup EU

    Welcome Startup EU aim to connect 5 different major EU ecosystems (Berlin, Dublín, Milan, Madrid and Salamanca) The company work with local WELCOME partners to identify and engage the most relevant players.
  • YouNoodle


    YouNoodle is a great supporter of BETAPITCH


    Siemens is global BETAPITCH supporter, merging its corporate expertise with innovations brought on by startups.
  • Startup Safary

    Startup Safary

    Startup Safary create open doors days for startup ecosystems. Attendees have a chance to visit startups, VCs, accelerators, incubators and community hot spots in a given city. The event takes place all over the city in multiple locations, most of them – offices of participating companies. We're super excited to have them as a parter for our Investor's Day this year!
  • CleanTech


    Our partners at The CleanTech Innovation Center (CIC) provide the ideal place for startups and growing companies in the cleantech sector. They have the infrastructure for young founders and entrepreneurs!  
  • Audi


  • Startup Guide

    Startup Guide

  • Consciousness Network

    Consciousness Network