BETAPITCH comes back to the mothership betahaus | Berlin for the 7th time with new updated format. Instead of pitching on the stage to to a big crowd, we'll take startup founders into intimate environment to have a real talk with people relevant to their field and needs. These Networking Dinners will take place sporadically from August till the end of the year. Free for startups to join. Sign up with your startup and meet your dream business partner

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Alumni startups

  • Bragi


    Bragi produces Dash, in-ear headphones working without any phone – measuring the heartbeat, serving as a mic, music player…. They‘ve just crowdfunded over $3.4m on kickstarter.
  • Vienna Skill Smiths

    Vienna Skill Smiths

    Vienna Skill Smiths aims to open up learning and teaching and connect members of the local community through affordable, accessible and fun classes on…everything!
  • Form


    Form makes intelligent things that look after your home. Starting with smoke detector.
  • PeerAce


    PeerAce is a community marketplace where people can find personal fitness or sports trainers and offer their own services as a trainer to others. No long-term contracts and an easy way to get to know other sports-minded people around.
  • Little Riot

    Little Riot

    Little Riot specialises in connecting people with technology, through design. The company was formed to develop our flagship product, Pillow Talk, but we can also work with you to help your product or service emotionally engage with your users and customers.
  • BeeCanvas


    BeeCanvas is an online visual collaboration tool: a virtual canvas for anything. It enables you to arrange files, links and other resources along with visual comments on a single canvas, so all shared information can be understood at a glance. BeeCanvas can be used for aggregating song lyrics, music videos and scans of tickets, just as well as it can be used for sharing storyboard sketches, video clips and text scripts – all in real time.
  • LUUV


    LUUV has designed a camera stabilizer that enables you to tape all your adventures shake-free.
  • Smartrade


    Smartrade is an app planning to popularise access to the financial market so that anyone can learn and invest in the stock market. Through education and collaboration, users of Smartrade can migrate from a virtual to a real investment environment.


Some of the people you'll get to connect in person

Team Berlin

  • Katka Nagyova


    Katka is part of the betahaus | Berlin team. She's the striving force behind the global growth of BETAPITCH and startup community management which she utilises in the projects of betahausX where she leads the startup scouting.

  • Jack Henderson

    Jack HendersonMarketing Manager BETAPITCH GLOBAL

    Jack is the Marketing Manager at betahaus | Berlin leading the Social Media channels. At BETAPITCH Global he's making sure everything is right where it needs to be.

  • Madeleine Gummer von Mohl

    Madeleine Gummer von Mohlcofounder/ ceo betapitch

    Madeleine is one of the betahaus | founders, she lives and works in Berlin. She is a social influencer with a big heart for startups.