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Here’s What Happened at Investors Day & BETAPITCH Global 2018

It can be hard to put into words the excitement and inspiration that hits after an event that felt really great. This year’s Investors Day & BETAPITCH Global was more international than ever before. We sold more than 450 tickets and the betahaus Pop-Up location was packed with more than 280 startups, 40 investors, 30 corporates and entrepreneurs from all around the globe. 

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Future City & Emerging Tech is the theme of Investors Day 2018

Investors Day 2018 will be a deep-dive into the subject of future city and emerging tech. Come by on November 15 and hear our panellists discuss their first-hand experiences of re-shaping the urban landscape and what to expect of the future city life. To get you in the Jetsons mood before the event we have listed some inspiring innovation projects that are happening around the world right now.

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How to Succeed at Your Next Startup Pitch Competition

Every year the world’s best startups gather in Berlin for one big startup pitch competition: Investors Day & BETAPITCH Global! The competing startups are selected at local BETAPITCH events around the globe. They’ve prepared their pitches, sweated on stage and won! To convince a jury like that you need a really good pitch – here are some tips to succeed at your next startup pitch competition!

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Investors Day and betapitch Global is back

Mark November 15th in your calendar, because Investors Day & betapitch Global is back! This year will be more international than ever, giving you the chance to make connections from every corner of the globe in one day, under one roof. So please, be seated and prepare for take-off, this is the one trip your startup can’t miss.

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Why you should meet our partners at Investors Day

Our sponsoring partners Siemens, Kloeckner, CleanTech and Holvi will be getting right in on the action this Saturday, holding 1:1 meetings, serving up knowledge for fireside chats and sharing knowledge & experience on panel talks. Plus, they’ll be mixing and mingling during Investors Day. This is your chance to get to know them! Without further ado, we’ll let our sponsors introduce themselves.

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Is your startup ready for journalists? Discussing Tech PR with Olivia of BecomeWide.

As a startup, it’s difficult to get picked up by the media in a meaningful way. Why is that? Well, even you’re a tech genius or business prodigy who loves pitching to investors, pitching to the media is a whole different ballgame. All too often, startups fall prey to misunderstandings about how the media landscape functions, how to approach the people behind it, and why you should approach them at all.

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3 questions with Friendsurance: Life after receiving a big investment.

Friendsurance is one of these grown-up startups that absolutely nailed it when getting in big sums of investment. In the last year only, they raised 15,3 million US dollar in total by various investors led by Horizons Ventures, and on October 15th their co-founder Sebastian Herfurth will speak on our panel ‘How to deal with big investment’ – alongside founders from Orderbird (Bastian Schmidtke), Incapptic (Rafal Kobylinski) and Jobspotting (Robin Haak).

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