BETAPITCH Global 2018

The 12 winners of regional BETAPITCH events meet at the global finale to pitch off agains each other for the grand prize: 5000euro, a trip to Silicon Valley and 6months at betahaus!

About Investors Day & BETAPITCH 2018


  • Cozzo


    CozZo is free fridge & pantry manager, coupled with grocery shopping list. It prevents food spoilage by tracking what you have and when it expires.


    SCUBIC applies SMART management for improving daily operation for the water-energy nexus.
  • Capital Bay

    Capital Bay

    CapitalBay is a trade optimisation solution for companies to access working capital options leveraging on existing trade relationships. Our solution enables companies to unlock new methods of accessing and managing cash flow, while enhancing relationships with all trade partners in the value chain.
  • Twin


    Twin consists of electronic modules which are color-coded and magnetic. With the help of these building blocks, your children will learn ho technological devices work.
  • Breeze Technologies UG

    Breeze Technologies UG

    Breeze Technologies provides hyperlocal air quality and climate data through smart, affordable indoor and outdoor sensors, as well as actionable environmental intelligence for corporates and cities.
  • Furnwish


    Furnwish is an Augmented reality app that empowers homeowners in visualizing furniture in their own space and help retailers and design professionals in better showcasing their products and services.
  • Park Palet

    Park Palet

    Parkpalet is an online B2B warehouse platform, which brings together the companies looking for short term warehouse space and warehouse operators that have excess capacity
  • Brander


    Brander creates, visualizes and promotes concepts for ambitious brands
  • Whisperr


    Whisperr is a voice-based dating app - dating app that uses voice in audio-profiles as a matchmaking tool.
  • Settr


    Settr makes it possible for fashion brands to sell their products directly to social media influencers audience, but most importantly we offer the influencers to run their own multi-brand store, without over-head        
  • Elevate Global

    Elevate Global

    Elevate Global provides with real-time streaming analytics for notification, alerting and decision support.
  • Rhoonart


    Rhoonart Co., Ltd connects songwriters with client who need music commercially with no commission


  • 6 months at betahaus

    6 months at betahaus

    The winning team of BETAPITCH global can work from betahaus | Berlin for 6 month for free! We are looking forward to introduce you to our community, business angels and friends in the media to boost your startup!
  • Cash prize 2018

    Cash prize 2018

    The winner of BETAPITCH Global will take home a prize of 5000 EUR!
  • Flight to Silicon Valley

    Flight to Silicon Valley

    The winner of BETAPITCH Global gets to fly to the Silicon Valley and network with the world class investors!
  • Founder Institute Berlin Fellowship

    Founder Institute Berlin Fellowship

    Founder Institute Berlin is very happy to reward the winner of BETAPICH competition with a full scholarship for the next semester starting in January 9th in Berlin.
    The Founder Institute runs a 3.5 month startup launch program (compatible with full time job)  that provides a step-by-step structure, constant feedback from top mentors, and an international network of entrepreneurs to help you build an enduring company.
  • A Month of Global Coworking with OneCo

    A Month of Global Coworking with OneCo

    One startup gets 30 days of One Coworking membership and therefor the chance to roam around more than 70 spaces which are in their network.