BETAPITCH Hamburg came to betahaus on September 14th 2017 in a search for the best startups in town! Up to 10 startups pitched on the stage before our jury for the main prize - a trip to Berlin on December 7th when the founders attend the Investors day and compete with the other global winners at the BETAPITCH global finals. And who won it? CiDO is the winner of BETAPITCH Hamburg 2017

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Alumni startups

  • CiDO


    CiDO enables the deliverer to scan the barcode of a parcel at the CiDO-Module placed at the building’s main entry. If the shipment is labeled as “in delivery” and addressed to a resident of the respective building, the door is opened automatically. The parcel can now be deposited in a secure way inside the building. Additionally companies from other industries can benefit from this system as well.
  • Cutnut


    Cutnut enables users to instantly combine short video clips together to create unique video compilations, allowing for community generated content on top of individually generated content. It is a mobile application currently available for IOS (android and web-platform are planned) and entails a new explore function to discover videos - called "the universe". Cutnut is working on making video/memory creation as a group an easy process and furthermore strives to allow the users to feel more involved in the curation of community content.


    We are developing a V2X authentication process for secure transmission of data and simultaneously creating a IoT Wallet using IOTA's innovative Blockchain tangle. Our goal is to combine both technologies to allow for transactions to be made in real time for provided services. Our first goal will be a payment system for cars to pay automatically at gas stations for refueling. Eventually our goal is to distribute our technology to all services including parking, electrical charging or car sharing all combined in one powerful payment application. We introduce IOTA's Blockchain technology to allow for payments without any transaction costs making our system the most efficient of its kind.
  • Lunchzeit


    Our simple and overdue idea is to simplify internal networking in large companies. And the most casual atmosphere during a workday is lunchtime. With Lunchzeit enterprises can speed up the onboarding process and connect co-workers from different departments and locations so they have an opportunity to share their knowledge. That leads to a more intense and trustful collaboration. Put simply, they have more happy and far more effective employees.
  • RechtSmart


    RechtSmart is a Legal Tech app to apply law cases on your own without legal counsel. User are able to apply different types of law cases (e.g. from labour, family or contract law and much more) on their own using an intuitive, digital, cost-effective and mobile solution. Every law case respectively process is proofed and in accordance with the law. In any daily routine situations user would be able to enforce their rights or be guided what to do by following the steps in the app.
  • squarelovin


    Brands need a new approach to content! Stock photos, studio lighting, professional models and product shoots with white backdrops don't catch people's attention anymore. Actual customers, fans, partners and influencers will always be a brand's strongest ambassadors. Therefore they shouldn't be stuck on social. With squarelovin brands can give them the stage they deserve. By using authentic content from real people squarelovin enables brands to provide inspiration, social proof and trust on every channel. The outcome? With squarelovin brands encourage greater order values, conversion rates and engagement like never before.
  • recalm


    Is the sound of chaos raising not only the volume, but stress level too? recalm has the vision to improve your quality of life by transforming undesired noise pollution into peace and quiet. To let our vision become true, we are building a product that is sending out an anti-noise signal of opposite polarity to the noise source, so noise can be eliminated by destructive interference.
  • bundle


    With bundle we create a private social network in a german cloud. It was engineered in Germany for families, friends and teams, who want to stay connected and organized in a single and trustworthy environment. Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagramm & Co., bundle keeps your personal data strictly private. The App combines and simplifies messaging, data sharing and group-organizing within your private groups.
  • Jobgator

    Jobgator uses innovative machine learning algorithms to help individuals improve their resumes and ensure the are including relevant content. Jobgator builds software that predicts which keywords and job skills candidates need to include in their resume to get an interview. In less than five seconds, the candidate will know how their resume scores compared to the job they are applying for. They can then improve their resume before applying. The purpose of this is to give candidates a chance to improve prior to applying.
  • Keepers

    Keepers ​is an AI based application to protect children from cyberbullying and pedophilia. Keepers tracks suspicious & abusive content messages on childrens' smartphones and social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat etc..), alerting parents in real-time if their child is being threatened. Children suffer from cyberbullying on a daily basis. According to the UN, 160,000 children in the U.S skip school every day because they are afraid of being bullied. Keepers works discreetly in the background of your child’s phone and runs undetected in the background.
  • Streamtime

    Stream Time is a modern day TV guide for live streaming. We solve the problem of viewers missing out on live content from their favourite broadcasters on platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch. More than that, we help users find new broadcasters through discovery features such as live lists, search and recommended content.
  • PaidTime

    PaidTime provides a unique solution for digital content: PaidTime is a time-based key to access all kinds of digital content easily, be it news, stories, videos, music, livestreams, tutorials and even games. For the publishers, PaidTime measures the time that users spend on the publisher's website and apps.

Main sponsor


  • Atlassian


    12 MONTHS FREE SUPPORT & ATLASSIAN CLOUD VERSION! As an Atlassian GOLD Solution Partner, the demicon GmbH is happy to support the winner of the Hamburg betapitch to start up their own business by providing a JIRA and Confluence Cloud Version (10 User/ 12 Months) including a Consulting Package.
  • Pictima


    YOUR IDEA EXPLAINED IN AN ANIMATED VIDEO BY PICTIMA The winner gets the chance to produce an animated video („explain smart” video EUR 1,990 worth) with Pictima for free!


    The winner will go for a trip to Berlin to pitch at BETAPITCH Global against the other global finalists. Taking place at betahaus | Berlin on December 7th, along with the final pitch off the founder will also get to attend our Investors Day. This great networking event gathers the major players in European startup scene where the startup founders attend investors' office hours, workshops and panel discussion.
  • betahaus | Hamburg

    betahaus | Hamburg

    The winning team can work from betahaus | Hamburg for 6 months for free! We are looking forward to introduce you to our community, business angels and friends in the media to boost your startup! betahaus is one of the largest coworking spaces in Europe, located in Hamburg, Berlin, Sofia and Barcelona.
  • XING


    Yeah: for a better working life XING provides a one-year premium membership for you and your team members.
  • O’Reilly


    You can win a book full of wisdom from O’Reilly!


    One month fitness: Enjoy free Fitness und wellness for 4 weeks in the Fitnessclub KAIFU-LODGE in the centre of Hamburg in Eimsbüttel. Over 270 Fitness classes the week with more than 50 yogaclasses / Wellness with Saunas and indoor and outdoor pools. Your City Your Body Your Club!
  • Startups@Reeperbahn


    Win an exclusive ticket for this year's Startups@Reeperbahn conference and pitch by Hamburg Startups.
  • mindmatters


    Congrats, you won a product field workshop by mindmatters! It will help you to explore your product’s success factors, identify potential for improvement, and lift your product to the next level of innovation.
  • Online Marketing Rockstars

    Online Marketing Rockstars

    2 TICKETS TO ATTEND OMR FESTIVAL 2018 You just won two tickets to attend the awesome Online Marketing Rockstars Conference and Expo in Hamburg 2017
  • emmy


    ELECTRIC SCOOTER SHARING emmy-sharing gives you a free registration package and 100 Minutes for free to drive your electric sharing scooter in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.


    ONE YEAR JIMDOBUSINESS Create a professional website, online store or blog in minutes with Jimdo's website builder.


Team Hamburg

  • Anne Christin Dröge

    Anne Christin Dröge

    After her Masters degree in Arts and Media Management Anne specialized in the fields of communication, sponsoring and events. In the last years she worked at the interface between business and societal-cultural topics with a particular focus on the areas of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Since June 2014 she is responsible for sponsoring and events at betahaus | Hamburg.