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Vivian Duong

Serendipitist and collector of dots. Dots being people, ideas and experiences. Perpetually gathering with a pursuit to connect these dots and drive co-creation. At betahaus x (, Vivian connects startups to the clients, networks and coaches they need to grow and thrive.

In her spare time, you can find Vivian running in Tempelhof Park or seeking treasures at the flea markets in Berlin. Ideas Jam ( and Creative Mornings ( are her soul food.

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Ingo Voges

Business and technology support for companies expanding to Berlin – this is the Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH mission. With customized services for a soft landing and an excellent business and research network, our many experts provide an outstanding range of programs to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin.

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Gillord Pisas

“Gillord, Lord Gil” how he often introduces himself to make sure you get his name right, is a young man who is is all about positive energy and inspiring people to do the things that inspires them. He is from a small island you could barely see on the map, but you probably heard of due the their famous blue cocktail liqueur. He firmly believes that every individual in this world, given the right tools and positive energy, can reach their fullest potential to one way or another positively impact this world. His vision of positively impacting this world is clear, but he is currently enjoying the process of doing so by interacting on a daily basis with people with different ideologies, backgrounds and ambitions by managing the frontdesk at betahaus Berlin.

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Tienko Rasker

Tienko is the founder of leading online Angel investment platform Leapfunder. He is a trained strategy consultant and financial professional, he focuses on growth strategy and early-stage finance. Tienko is a social entrepreneur.

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Kei Kreutler

Kei Kreutler is a researcher, designer, and developer interested in how cultural narratives of technologies shape their use. As Strategy at Gnosis, she oversees messaging as the company builds open, blockchain-based prediction market platforms, decentralized trading protocols, and a secure mobile-first wallet.

Her project-based artistic practice focuses on organizational design and utopian conspiracies, and has been exhibited by organisations including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, and Ideas City, New Museum, New York, NY.

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Virginia Palm

Experienced Venture Developer building new digital businesses. Background in the digital transformation, experienced in Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Project- and Event Management, and International Relations.

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Veaceslav Driglov

Passion for Digital Transformation with Serial Entrepreneurship experience. Main business focuses are to Facilitate Industry Digital Transformation, explore new niche Markets and create new digitalBusinesses with a revenue stream focus.

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Etienne Roy

Etienne is studying both business and law in France. His passion for music and entrepreneurship led him to Berlin for working at betahaus as an accelerator manager.

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Johan Philippe Stam

Hans lived in Shenzhen for 7 years immersing himself in hardware production processes and co-founding Troublemakers, the local community of makers, entrepreneurs, and factories that bridges cultures. Through these technical implementations, incubator programs, and event communities, Hans helped redefine Shenzhen as it’s business scaled alongside the growing market for crowdfunded hardware in the West.

Now based in Berlin, Hans is merging his knowledge of mass production with the precision engineering Germany is known for. He is open to leadership opportunities within IoT ventures that will benefit from his set of expertise in hardware design and production. Reach out to present yours.

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