Amplius electronics

Rubico is a unique multifunctional product because it represents a compound of battery charger
for smartphones, USB memory storage and a NFC tag. Instead of carrying around all these
multiple devices, replace it with Rubico – one device that hold them all. Rubico is small, durable,
very practical and easy to use. With Amplius Rubico smart keychain you will never find yourself
in a situation holding a drained or “out-of-memory” mobile phone. The product comes with a
mobile application that allows users to transfer data from mobile device to smart keychain,
monitoring the amount of free memory, as well as the ability to record videos and photos direct
to smart keychain.

Other Prizes

  • ClearHum


    We are a FinTech company with a special purpose algorithm within our system that enables companies to solve their liquidity crunch by moving financial information through our system instead of moving real money on bank accounts. This way through our IT it is possible to pay your debts with your uncollected claims-because using the algorithm it is possible to find reconciliation chains.
  • When in X

    When in X

    Marketplace for alternative tours, provided by locals. Users can easy find what to do in the place they visit, as travelers. As hosts people will be able to provide tours and experiences, earn in easy and convenient way.
  • VRET


    VRET is a software solution for virtual reality devices that will be applied in medicine in the areas of psychiatry and psychology. The aim is to help the clinical specialists to improve the psychotherapies and treatments of various disorders like stress, anxiety, phobia, panic disorders, fears, PTSD and OCD. VRET uses special computers, virtual reality devices, and artificially created landscapes, so, that clinical specialists could provide their patients a simulated experience, which can be used to diagnose and treat a specific disorder.