Springup has built a SaaS platform for data-driven engagement marketing. On the one hand, the platform allows ad agencies and brands to create campaign microsites with ease. On the other, it collects and aggregates user data, so that brands can build their own data platform in the form of a CRM or a brand community.

Other Prizes

  • Yatrus Analytics

    Yatrus Analytics

    Yatrus Analytics helps newsrooms keep an eye on a huge part of the Internet, alerting journalists to real-time leads for them to explore further. Journalists don’t have to follow a stream of information – the most actionable signals find them, including the ones they don’t know they’re looking for.
  • Spice VR

    Spice VR

    With the product Spherie the Hamburg company Spice VR: presents a VR-Drone which is the worldwide first flying 360° VR-camera. The greatest strength of the new 360°VR-technology is also the greatest challenge; everything is in the picture, the camera grip and the film team. Spherie is the first 360°sensor-system moving free in space.
  • Runanas


    Runanas is a location-based social fitness App that helps find and connect runners nearby to go for a run together. You can select your running buddy based on their running pace, location and time of the day you want to go for a run.