Timeular builds hardware for effortless time-tracking. The company’s Zero Error Device, or ZEI, has 8 sides and allows you to track your daily activities with a simple flip. For a further insight into how their device works, you can track their Kickstarter campaign here.

Other Prizes

  • ZEI


    ZEI is a revolutionairy time tracking device in the shape of a polygon. It’s connected to the computer via bluetooth. People can assign projects to the different sides of the polygon and track their time at work just by turning the device.


    YOUMO‘s modular design lets you try a variety of different power options. You can charge multiple electronic devices while customizing the style and amount of functions you want.
  • velo easy

    velo easy

    velo easy I Smart Urban Solutions is the first widespread, individually lockable parking system for bicycles and e-bikes. Comes with an optional recharging infrastructure for electro mobility.