We provide the easiest way to manage your shopping. Toby combines the traditional concept of a shopping list with location services and AI while having a strong focus on UX. At the same time, we’re on a mission to close the gap between online & offline shopping. We do so through offering FMCG brands of all kinds to place a free Toby button on their website through which the user can add the item to his list with just one click. If the user wishes to, he can even activate a location based reminder to inform him when he is close to a brick & mortar retailer where he can physically try and buy the product. Our target group comprises students and young professionals / young families who have a busy day and appreciate productivity tools that can save you some time.

Other Prizes

  • InFlights


    inFlights is a Drone-as-a-Service provider, providing actionable insights using drone data generated by a network of freelance operators.
  • Tasty Ads

    Tasty Ads

    Tasty Ads is an AdTech platform that plans campaigns on pizza boxes and other take-out packaging with a transparent pay-per-box plan.
  • Kopf, Copernicus to the people

    Kopf, Copernicus to the people

    Our mission is to popularize the satellite mission Copernicus with the use of a geo browser that explains satellite functions in an easy manner. Our target audience is curious people about space and tech, potential end users from earth observation applications.