Trustcruit is a tool to collect feedback from candidates in the recruitment process. Trustcruit customers get better at recruiting, they start using metrics in HR and they turn more candidates into promoters. What would happen if every candidate you met became a promoter for your company?

Other Prizes

  • Placeme


    Placeme is an online tool that enables predict potential sales at specific address. We help retail and dining networks to uncover where they should sell their products and how much they can sell at specific address. Thanks to placeme managers responsible for expansion, sales and performance can easily get to know information that help them improve performance of the whole network. Combination of big data, machine learning, data science and our geoanalytical engine gives unique value that helps managers find perfect places for new stores, increase profitability in already existing stores or find perfect locations where your product will achieve best sales.
  • Prinvito


    Printivo is a bio tech company that has developed a 3D bio printer & bio inc formula with the purpose to create 3D human tissue to be used instead of animal skin when testing medical and other products.
  • Compocket


    As the Compocket team we are group of 7 enthusiastic young people from Istanbul, Turkey. We are working on a hardware-software project called Uniscope that aims to provide a more efficient measurement experience by making the measurement instruments used in electronic laboratories computer based and mobile compatible.