YourTutor is actually the American subsidiary of We don’t want to sell our technology like Webex or but use it to build an online tutoring marketplace around it. In addition the teachers can create also their own video lessons, give tests and homework to the students. It is like a full scale virtual school

Other Prizes

  • HITL


    HITL is a social enterprise based in Bulgaria that employs and trains refugees to provide data services to companies to train and test their ML algorithms.
  • Sloth.Works


    Sloth.Works is an anonymous and secure hiring platform, connecting developers with companies.
  • Soulify


    The Soulify application gives the opportunity to the patients to track their mental health and general well-being by using the app. It also gives the pharmaceutical industries the necessary research data for their products and it gives the necessary information and passive control to the doctor about their patients.