On November 2nd BETAPITCH Sofia is back in its search for the best startups in town. Around 10 startups will pitch on the stage before jury for the main prize - a trip to Berlin on November 15th where the founders attend the Investors day and compete with the rest of the global winners at the BETAPITCH global finals. Who won it before? Dronamics, Viblast, Gruvit, StatAce and Prinvito

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Alumni startups

  • Prinvito


    Printivo is a bio tech company that has developed a 3D bio printer & bio inc formula with the purpose to create 3D human tissue to be used instead of animal skin when testing medical and other products.


    BioSeek JSC is an online search engine for Life Science.
  • CastFolio


    CastFolio is ​a social entertainment industry marketplace to improve workflow by monetizing availability and automatically matching offers to profiles.
  • ToolDomains


    Tool Domains is a startup company providing customers a tool to research expired domains with SEO value.
  • YourTutor

    YourTutor is actually the American subsidiary of We don't want to sell our technology like Webex or but use it to build an online tutoring marketplace around it. In addition the teachers can create also their own video lessons, give tests and homework to the students. It is like a full scale virtual school
  • turns messaging platforms into a new sales channel where customers are provided with frictionless, quick, personalized and relevant choices.
  • EmpAct


    Empower Active Ageing (EmpAct) is a project aiming to fill the gap in participation, social inclusion and education of adults over 50 years old through establishing an EU level network, namely One Stop Shop Portal, which will provide users with useful information, training content and tools, in order to help adults enhance their social skills, explore their occupational interests and find opportunities to start new enterprises.
  • Soulify


    The Soulify application gives the opportunity to the patients to track their mental health and general well-being by using the app. It also gives the pharmaceutical industries the necessary research data for their products and it gives the necessary information and passive control to the doctor about their patients.
  • Sloth.Works


    Sloth.Works is an anonymous and secure hiring platform, connecting developers with companies.
  • HITL


    HITL is a social enterprise based in Bulgaria that employs and trains refugees to provide data services to companies to train and test their ML algorithms.




    The winner will go for a trip to Berlin to pitch at Investors Day & BETAPITCH Global against the rest of our global finalists and win 5000EUR, a trip to Silicon Valley or 6 months at betahaus. Taking place at betahaus | Berlin on November 15th, along with the final pitch off the founder will also get to attend our Investors Day. This great networking event gathers the major players in European startup scene where the founders meet investors and corporates face-to-face during speed-dating, matchmaking sessions, workshops or get inspired at panel discussion tackling the latest trends.
  • betahaus | Sofia

    betahaus | Sofia

    The winning team can work from betahaus | Sofia for 3 months for free! We are looking forward to introduce you to our community, business angels and friends in the media to boost your startup! Betahaus is one of the largest coworking spaces in Europe, located in Sofia, Berlin, Hamburg and Barcelona.


This was the jury in previous years. New names will be revealed soon!

Team Sofia

  • Gergana Dzevelieva

    Gergana Dzevelieva

    Geri is the digital media guru and creative capacity of betahaus | Sofia. She is responsible for the regular betabreakfast event and any online activities. Out of beta she's a photographer who likes to drink beer sitting on curbs and stairs of the old socialist buildings.

  • Alexander Mihaylov

    Alexander Mihaylov

    Alex is one of the cofounders of betahaus | Sofia, flying high visionary and CEO. Besides this he knows the best spots to party hard and go cross country snowboarding early in the morning.

  • Paulina Nikolova

    Paulina Nikolova

    Poli is in charge of events here at betahaus | Sofia and the Project Manager of Betapitch 2017 | Sofia. Curious and energetic with urge for action, you will notice her go around and make friends. You can win her heart with good food and a glass of wine.