Alumni Vienna


  • GoElis


    GoElis is a tournament system for mid-sized competitions, helping organizers to, not only, hold a fair competition, but also engage with their audience, which is not necessarily on-site, in an easy way. As a second point, we want to become the one stop source for results about amateur competitions, by providing a global leaderboard. Therefore our target audience is everyone who wants to organize a competition or anyone interested in competition results.
  • Terraztra Space Exploration Company

    Terraztra Space Exploration Company

    Terraztra's aim is to send people to space and cosmos for free; and to bring back refined minerals from space rocks.
  • Toby


    We provide the easiest way to manage your shopping. Toby combines the traditional concept of a shopping list with location services and AI while having a strong focus on UX. At the same time, we're on a mission to close the gap between online & offline shopping. We do so through offering FMCG brands of all kinds to place a free Toby button on their website through which the user can add the item to his list with just one click. If the user wishes to, he can even activate a location based reminder to inform him when he is close to a brick & mortar retailer where he can physically try and buy the product. Our target group comprises students and young professionals / young families who have a busy day and appreciate productivity tools that can save you some time.
  • Lewi Care

    Lewi Care

    We are developing a smart baby monitor to track the baby's health with a wristband. With the help of pulse oximetry we are tracking pulse and oxygen levels. Parents will be notified whenever the baby is in danger. Moreover our wristband will include a babyphone and GPS tracker. Our product will be the first all-in-one solution.
  • Hypest Hive

    Hypest Hive

    We solve the problem of reaching gamers/millennials through advertising on new media chanels like YouTube and Twitch. Our main audience are businesses who want to sell their products to the audience of the "gamer".
  • TestMyBot


    TestMyBot is a test automation framework for your chatbot project. It helps developers in quality assurance, monitoring and end-2-end-testing. First attempt to apply test automation techniques to Chatbot domains. Vision is to enable non-technical team members to define, run and watch test cases for Chatbots.
  • Kopf, Copernicus to the people

    Kopf, Copernicus to the people

    Our mission is to popularize the satellite mission Copernicus with the use of a geo browser that explains satellite functions in an easy manner. Our target audience is curious people about space and tech, potential end users from earth observation applications.
  • Tasty Ads

    Tasty Ads

    Tasty Ads is an AdTech platform that plans campaigns on pizza boxes and other take-out packaging with a transparent pay-per-box plan.

Alumni Tirana


  • Albanian tourist agency

    Albanian tourist agency

    The focus of the Albanian toursit agency is concentrate in opening a tourist agency in Permet, which will provide a lot of tourist services such as rafting, climbing , hiking, walking, camping, etc..
  • Center Health

    Center Health

    For assistance in solving the problems of diagnosis and treatment to create a special resource, which collect information on all existing health facilities and medical specialists in various fields of activity. The resource is organized in such a way that when receiving a request offers a choice of several options depending on the customer‘s location, its status and opportunities. The main criterion for selecting options is the ratio of „availability - price - quality“ settings.
  • Drone Alb

    Drone Alb

    The focus of DronAlb is to use drones in different economic sectors like digital marketing, real estate, inspections, agriculture, surveying, events, industrial and many other. They are also involved into the sales sector, offering a large number of drone aircrafts.

    The website ‚‘ aim is to advertise and increase the chances of finding your ideal bicycle or selling bicycles and various cycling accessories that you have, in the easiest way possible and in a safe environment.
  • EcoART


    EcoArt Albania is a trusted source for vacation rentals. We help families and friends find the perfect accommodations to enjoy their dream vacations together. Through ‘EcoArt Albania’ and our sophisticated online reservation platform ‚‘ owners and property managers offer an extensive selection of vacation and authentic homes that provide travelers with memorable experiences and benefits, including: more room to relax and added privacy, for less than the cost of traditional hotel accommodations.
  • Elephant apps

    Elephant apps

    Elephant is a software company that specializes on developing innovative demand driven solutions for the business community.
  • FoodIDapp


    We have developed a smartphone application that people can use to view menu items by scanning QR codes in restaurants. The app is developed for iOS and Android phones. Users can view the restaurant menu with food pictures and ingredients on their smartphones. Also, users can choose to subscribe for notifications from the restaurant when they have daily offers.
  • Organic Vision

    Organic Vision

    Organic Vision focuses on the healthy nutrition of people and since the major part of people more compromises their health by eating unhealthy snacks or desserts, they will to bring them value by their plant based low calories healthy products.



Startups at the final pitch-off in 2016

  • OfficeRnD


    OfficeRnD offer a platform for building engaged communities and efficient workspaces. The company offloads the boring tasks from the office and community managers, so they can focus on building community and making everyone in the office happier, healthier and more productive.
  • Nordic Adventours

    Nordic Adventours

    Nordic Adventours is an online platform for adventure and wilderness activities in the Nordics connecting them with both known tour operators and guides as well as very local ones.
  • Neurofox


    Neurofox is a device to train and optimize brain states in real time. Achieved by neurofeedback.
  • Hoard


    Hoard solves the problem of the last mile in logistics by turning people into pick-points with an app. With Hoard anybody can become a pick-point simplifying delivery and exchange of goods. CoFounder, Anthony Forsan, will be part of our speed dating team at this year's BETAPITCH & Global Investors day.
  • IT For Equality

    IT For Equality

    IT For Equality plan to transform the simple wheel chair into a smart chair by setting various proximity, humidity, temperature sensors, which are monitored by a Smartphone implemented in each chair. These sensors will enable auto avoiding, auto stop, auto speed features. BETAPITCH Global is their last step towards helping the disabled.
  • Viable Report

    Viable Report

    Viable Report, took the number one spot in Lisbon last week and offers a matchmaking platform that connects investors and startups. The company helps investors find and automatically evaluate the ideas in the entrepreneurship ecosystem that are a match with their evaluation criteria, saving them money and time while increasing opportunities.
  • Hasala


    Hasala is a mobile app that creates a social network for charity. It offers a platform for both NGO’s and people donating; so they can communicate easily and NGO’s can easily raise donations for different causes. For NGO’s, Hasala also provides data analysis and customer-relationship-management. For users, they offer clear insight in the impact of their donations.  kick starts fundraising for NGOs and charities. Payment methods are included to facilitate donations directly through the app.
  • OppenTech


    BETAPITCH China has been the most recent event, spanning across 5 cities, Nanjing, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Jiashan. The winners, OppenTech, based in Beijing, applies space augmented reality in education making toys and games.

Alumni Berlin


  • Fresh Square

    Fresh Square

    Fresh Square is an indoor garden system with which you can grow your own food in a natural and living soil made of organic waste. Plug it in, fill up the water tank, observe, and enjoy your own fresh food.
  • Neurofox


    Neurofox is a device to train and optimize brain states in real time. Achieved by neurofeedback.
  • Horse Analytics

    Horse Analytics

    Horse Analytics makes an activity tracker for horse owners complying data of horse’s health, workload and daily routine.
  • velo easy

    velo easy

    velo easy I Smart Urban Solutions is the first widespread, individually lockable parking system for bicycles and e-bikes. Comes with an optional recharging infrastructure for electro mobility.


    YOUMO‘s modular design lets you try a variety of different power options. You can charge multiple electronic devices while customizing the style and amount of functions you want.
  • ZEI


    ZEI is a revolutionairy time tracking device in the shape of a polygon. It’s connected to the computer via bluetooth. People can assign projects to the different sides of the polygon and track their time at work just by turning the device.
  • Safecontag


    Safecontag produces and sells double-key-cards as connector, token, or a crypto key for safe online connection and communication.
  • Timeular


    Timeular builds hardware for effortless time-tracking. The company’s Zero Error Device, or ZEI, has 8 sides and allows you to track your daily activities with a simple flip. For a further insight into how their device works, you can track their Kickstarter campaign here.

Alumni Berlin


  • miito


    Using the market entry of the Miito kettle to create an internationally established brand for simple and intelligent small home appliances.

    API service that creates context and uncovers hidden information in any text.
  • keydock


    With Keydock check-in your guests from anywhere. Drop off your keys in your local café and manage check-ins with your smartphone.
  • monument


    A smart storage device for photos and videos. It helps users store their content in a single place and provide them easy, instant access.
  • senic


    We replace "graphical user interfaces" by turning objects and surfaces like tables into "natural user interfaces".
  • portal mod

    portal mod

    The audio processor that is up to any creative idea.
  • vai kai

    vai kai

    Beautifully designed connected play devices and experiences for the 21st century kids. Customizable, extendable and versatile in play.
  • swocket


    Making smart home easy to use and affordable. Letting users enjoy the benefits of smart home with out having to buy everything new.

Alumni Vienna


  • handcheque


    A smart card that allows you to store all your loyalty, gift and payment cards on one device.
  • StoreMe


    A platform that brokers storage space sharing.
  • Leichtgemacht


    Austria’s first calculator for comparing moving companies’ prices with instant results.
  • World Population Project

    World Population Project

    The largest dataset of its kind, mapping every person in the world by age and estimating their life expectancy.
  • SmartNinja 


    A coding school for beginners and advanced learners offering classes for a variety of coding languages.
  • Vienna Würstelstand

    Vienna Würstelstand

    A digital magazine and urban living guide with a highly innovative and diverse business model.

Alumni Vienna


  • Setting


    Setting provides beautiful workspaces in Berlin to work productively and to get your things done. Continously expanding their network, setting offers the perfect environment to work for individuals and teams.
  • 24now


    24now is a trustworthy lifelogging service where everything posted is gone after 24hours. No advertising on users content. And permadelete guaranteed.
  • appwoodoo


    Appwoodoo is an open source push notification & remote control service for app developers keen on privacy.
  • Vienna Skill Smiths

    Vienna Skill Smiths

    Vienna Skill Smiths aims to open up learning and teaching and connect members of the local community through affordable, accessible and fun classes on…everything!
  • ChillBill


    ChillBill is your online billing address which will save you the hassle of typing your bills into your bookkeeping system.
  • gatherer


    Gatherer is ‘the easiest way to arrange appointments with friends and colleagues’. Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and in your favorite browser.

Alumni Sofia


  • OfficeRnD


    OfficeRnD offer a platform for building engaged communities and efficient workspaces. The company offloads the boring tasks from the office and community managers, so they can focus on building community and making everyone in the office happier, healthier and more productive.
  • Enhancv


    Enhancv is a web platform that’s reinventing talent discovery by making job applications and job postings much more accurate and human­centric.
  • Windyweek


    Windyweek ­is a highly accurate wind forecast for windsurfers and kite surfers available through an easy to use app.
  • ClaimCompass


    ClaimCompass help air passengers receive a compensation when their flights have been delayed, cancelled or overbooked.
  • ShopUp


    ShopUp is a web based platform for personalized targeting and offline customer analysis in the retail sector.
  • Caret


    Caret make a text editor, like Microsoft Word, but for a plain text format called Markdown.
  • Lucid


    Lucid enables you to recreate your favourite photos into a magical artwork.
  • Tool.Domains


    Tool.Domains have one of the largest databases of domain names and websites in the world.
  • Sugarwise


    Sugarwise is a mobile technology that puts an end to the healthy food scavenger hunt and learns to recommend to us the healthy foods they actually like.
  • Barin – Gian Through Science

    Barin – Gian Through Science

    BARIN is a wearable system for the advanced tracking and analysis of the performance and physical condition of professional athletes and sports teams.

Alumni Sofia


  • ARTery


    ARTery helps crafters sell more online by growing a multi-store presence.
  • Dronamics


    Dronamics is a Dutch-Bulgarian company developing advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems optimized for heavy payloads and long range, for use in commercial and special logistics missions.
  • Bee Smart Technologies

    Bee Smart Technologies

    Bee Smart Technologies combines a set of technologies to address the increasingly worrying Colony Collapse Disorder. We deliver an unprecedented monitoring ability for the beekeepers and allow them to take timely precautions in preventing the most common threats to their colonies.
  • Kuknall


    Kuknall is an innovative product for daily use which makes the toilet experience healthy, painless and easy. It represents a footboard which enables people to raise their legs when in the toilet.
  • links free Wi-Fi Providers with Advertisers. Hence we offer Advertisers innovative targeting tools, based on users’ real location.
  • Scoutee


    Scoutee helps baseball players become professionals by tracking, analyzing and improving their performance and exposing their talent. They help coaches advance the careers of young players and find the best players to join their teams.
  • is an intelligent personal music curator that learns about your taste and habits and serves you with the perfect soundtrack for the right moment and mood.
  • – one place to explore, access and follow the top web courses, classes, events from all over the web and beyond.


    TICKEY is a mobile ticketing app that allows you to pay fares for public transport – buses, trams, trolleys, metro in your town.
  • cashila


    Cashila enables people with Bitcoin to spend them on whatever they can imagine. They can send EUR to any bank account in Europe and all they need is Bitcoin.

Alumni Jönköping


  • Nordic Adventours

    Nordic Adventours

    Nordic Adventours is an online platform for adventure and wilderness activities in the Nordics connecting them with both known tour operators and guides as well as very local ones.
  • Wasteless

    Wasteless produces a smart scale that provides food accounting and grocery planning to our household customers to market sustainable products.
  • Bondtech


    Bondtech – develops an innovative material feeding system for 3D printers.
  • EaseUP MedTrail

    EaseUP MedTrail

    EaseUP MedTrail – Applicering av EaseUP för automatisering och effektivisering av Medical Trails.
  • MOWE

    MOWE develops an application which motivates movement and community through a interesting and innovative gamification concept.
  • Tuva


    Tuva develops an app for a digital neighbourhood watch.  
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